11 Jan

Are you a guitarist?

If the answer is yes then Audient has the ideal product for you - The Audient SONO.


SONO is the ultimate audio interface made specifically for guitarists. It features a Valve Preamp, 3 band analogue EQ and Two Notes Torpedo Power Amp and Cabinet Modelling software. You can save 3 of your favourite amp and cab models directly on the hardware unit itself so you don't have to go scrolling through 100s of presets just to find the one you want.

Audient Sono Top View




TWO NOTE AMP and CAB Modelling

Play and record through some of the best guitar and bass cab models including flawless reproductions of classics such as the Marshall 4x12, Fender 2x12, Ampeg 8x10 and many more. You can customise room type, select from a wide range of cabs, download extra cabs, choose a microphone type, customise the mic position then saves your favourite combination onto one of 3 dedicated button on the SONO hardware.


The TWO NOTE AMP and Cabinet software DSP is built directly onboard the SONO hardware.  What this means is there is zero latency when recording or performing live. This is important because a guitarist will pickup even the slightest latency delay. For live performances you can save your favourite amp and cab model to 3 separate presets on the SONO hardware. You can then switch between these at the press of a button.

Audient Sono Two Note Software



You also get a REAMP output so you can feed your clean recorded guitar sound, out the dedicated REAMP output and into one of your favourite amps to mic up.

On top of all this you get 2 Audient high gain console microphone preamps, a powerful headphone output and quality DI. You can record your guitar and microphone at the same time. Play and sing and have each performance recorded onto different tracks in your DAW.

Audient SONO Reamp


ADAT Digital Input Expansion

Lastly you get an adat digital input enabling you to add the Audient ASP800 or 880 for an additional 8 channels of simultaneous inputs recorded onto different tracks.

Audient Sono Rear View


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