Soyuz Microphones has just released the eagerly anticipated Launcher.

After years of experimenting and fine-tuning, The Launcher has arrived!⁣⁣

What is Launcher?

Soyuz launcher
▪️?? ?? ????? ? – No⁣⁣
▪️?? ?? ??????????? ? – No⁣⁣
▪️?? ?? ?????? ? – No⁣⁣
▪️?? ?? ??????? ? – Yes!!!⁣⁣
??? ???????? will forever change the way you look at your dynamic and ribbon mics. ⁣⁣

It’s going to give low-level mics like the Shure SM7B and Ribbon Mics a healthy boost in gain…26db in fact. But that is just the beginning…It’s so much more than just a booster. The Launchers custom transformer and analog circuit will give you that classic, colourful “Soyuz sound” that feels like taking a piece of a vintage analog console and putting it in a little portable box.⁣⁣
Pair your SM58/57, SM7B, etc with the Launcher and enjoy added thickness, depth, and personality from any interface or signal chain.⁣⁣


Sure there are other devices out there that will give you a clean boost, the Cloudlifter for one but the new Soyuz Microphones Launcher is all about colour. Your mic will come alive while getting a good 26 dB kick in the but.
The launcher will be available soon. Stay tuned.

Watch the video below to hear The Launcher in action.

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