ADK Microphones

When it comes to microphones there are some classic names that are highly desirable and fetch a high price. Names like AKG C12, Neuman U47, 69 and Telefunken ELAM 251 – some of these coming in at $15000 – and that’s if you can find one. People who own these classic mics tend not to let them go so of course an industry trying to capture the sound of these mics has blossomed – not all doing as good a job as others. ADK are a company that prides itself on creating faithful reproductions of these classic hard to find mics. ADK mics are hand built in the USA from the finest ingredients by seasoned technicians to produce one of the very best versions of these mics at a price that sits better with professional engineers and project studios owners. The ADK range is split with the Z Mods being the highest quality. However to me the TC range is where it’s at. Presenting a very good version but at a nice $1799 AU price tag for a very tidy tube microphone with all the trimmings. ADK want you to have a total solution therefore you get the case, pop filter, cable, shock mount and in some instances a collection of valves in one complete package.

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