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About Audient

Operating out of Hampshire England, Audient have built their reputation on building world class professional audio tools. The company started in 1997 by founders David Dearden and Gareth Davies. Both came from DDA, a company known for building high end recording consoles in the 80’s and 90’s. After the sale of DDA the two engineers decided to set up Audient with the aim of building a fully analogue recording and mixing console that sounded great and was cost effective. The ASP8024 was the born. I remember when this console hit the market. It gave musicians and studio owners the chance to own a really top quality mixing board without having to remortgage their house. The preamps sounded fantastic and the EQ had that typical english sweetness. The ASP8024 was a big step up from Soundcraft and Mackie and was at home in any studio facility.

For 20 years Audient built and sold the ASP8024. It’s amazing that one company can exist on the manufacture and sale of just one product and is testament to is how good this console is. Check out the latest version HERE the 8024 HE.

A new ERA for Audient

In 2013 Audient used what they knew about building a great sounding console and developed it into a range of Audio Interfaces,  (the iD series was born). They were an instant hit!

Audient kept well away from the cheaper end of town and differentiated themselves by building an interface that was rock solid, simple to use and had quality components. Customers could get a taste of that legendary ASP8024 sound but in a small format desktop audio interface. They started with the iD22 – they then introduced the iD14 and soon after followed up with the smaller, single preamp iD4.  The latest addition to the iD range is the iD44 which features 4 classic Audient Class A preamps, two headphone amps and double the digital connectivity.

Audient also put 8 of their classic sounding Microphone preamps into a 1 U rack with ADAT digital output to integrate into their own, and other branded audio interfaces that featured ADAT inputs. The ASP800 and more recent ASP880 were a perfect addition for anyone wanting 8 additional mic preamps to their recording system.

New Product for 2018 – The iD44

The iD44 was built on features that the customer requested. People wanted more dedicated analogue inputs, a couple of high powered headphone amps for monitoring and more digital connectivity for expandability. With four class A preamps, 20 channels of I/O and two dedicated headphone outputs Audient listened and have delivered with this new interface. The iD44 still retains the same elegant design and build quality as the entire iD range. We expect the iD44 should begin to ship in April 2018.