Where to buy Drawmer

Drawmer is based in Yorkshire, England, and was founded by keyboard player Ivor Drawmer who has a passion for designing audio circuits. In 1981 he built a small batch of stereo delay lines, called the Multitracker. Following this the now legendary Drawmer DS201 gate was made and the rest is history. This Gate has key inputs and was made famous by the Smiths on the classic 80’s song “How Soon is Now” for that jagged, cut up guitar sound.

Drawmer went on to create some of the best EQ’s and compressors in the 80’s and using tube technology to create a smooth warm tone. Today the name Drawmer is probably best known for their passive studio monitor controllers however their compressors and EQ’s are still in high demand. These units sound fantastic and present as a desirable piece of outboard gear for the studio.

You may not realise it but you have been listening to Drawmer for the last 30 years, almost every time you turn on the radio, watch t.v. or go to a gig. Since the introduction of the DS201 noise gate in 1982 Drawmer products have consistently remained the unequivocal choice of producers, engineers and artist’s. Given this they have been installed in almost every major recording studio, live venue and broadcast facility throughout the world. Drawmer products are the engineer’s indispensable tools that elevates good sound into truly stunning!

Drawmer has also added the MPA 90 90 watt stereo power amps to their catalogue. This Amp is ideal for powering passive studio speakers like the classic Yamaha NS10’s. The amps have good solid power and don’t use a fan. Ideal for a quiet studio control room.