Where to buy Meris

About Meris Audio

The brand Meris Audio is fairly new to world of music technology however the people behind the brand come from well established Names. Terry Burton was the founder of Strymon effects pedals while Angelo Mazzocco was a DSP engineer at Line 6. Jinna Kim is the creative marketing director and has previously worked with big names that include Disney, Lexus and Sony Pictures. These 3 people make up what is a formidable force when it comes to new exciting music tech.

Meris make pro audio effects for studio engineers, guitarists and musos in general. Their current catalogue consists of three 500 series studio processors and two guitar style foot pedals. Meris have a delicious shimmer reverb styled on the Vangelis Blade Runner sound effect which is very popular. They have a really nice 500 series preamp with a send and return loop for patching in guitar pedals. They also have the Ottobit which is a bit crushing, sample rate squeezing analogue filtering monster. All these products sound fantastic. They look stylish and the build is at a very high quality.

From Meris Audio

All Meris Audio products are designed + made in Los Angeles, CA, U.S.A. Therefore the quality control is high. While they focus on crafting gear that drives your art, our rogue company of just 3 people are proud to manufacture and create premium pro audio gear in the Greater Los Angeles area. It requires fierce ambition, dedication and drive to build everything locally.  It’s not easy but they don’t choose the beaten path. Meris use premium components, build metal, assemble, manufacture, silkscreen, print, design with local people.  I’m looking forward to what this cool new company has planned for the future.