Windtech is an American Brand that design and manufacture high quality microphone accessories for the professional market. The company first started in 1976 to fulfil a need for a high quality wind reduction system for sound recording purposes. They were the first to do this and are still to this day producing the best quality, high performance microphone windsocks, microphone windscreens, pop guards and camera accessories for the professional who wants nothing but the best.

What makes Windtech products so good?

All Windtech products are made in the USA to their high standard. Unlike cheap Chinese knock offs they actually work in reducing wind noise without dulling the audio signal. All microphone windscreens are made from specially developed American made hypo-allergenic, open-cell acoustical foam called SonicFoam™. The use of SonicFoam™ permits the free passage of sound energy without altering the microphone’s frequency response. Further to this Windtech DO NOT use Asian made foam that contains Formaldehyde and other dangerous chemicals. Lastly the product is made to last. The foam do not perish like cheaper imitations.

Some may say $15 is a lot for a windsock but to be perfectly honest why would you buy a Chinese made knock off for about $8 given Windtech offer a better sonic performance, a product that doesn’t use hypo-allergenic material and a product that will last. It’s a no brainer for me.

Windtech microphone accessories is the choice for professional sound recorders in media and film. They choose Windtech because they need a product that will deliver.

A microphone windscreen needs to be able to reduce wind noise without sacrificing audio quality. Sound recording operators need to keep their investment secure and nothing protects an expensive microphone from dust, dampness and physical damage like Windtech windscreens. Windtech is proudly sold in Australia by Studio Connections.

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Say NO to Formaldehyde and other harmful chemicals! WindTech SonicFoam DOES NOT contain Formaldehyde, Phthalates, DEHP,
DBP, BPA, Lead, Mercury, Hexavalent Chromium, Cadmium,
TDCPP, Tris Phosphate or Animal Derived ingredients.