Genelec G Series full range


Imagine listening to your favourite music in the privacy of your home with a sound as clear and precise as if you were in a concert hall. Drawing from almost 40 years of experience Genelec is delighted to present the Genelec G Series – a range of home speakers that combine the best sound quality, unique, minimalistic design, and ease of use.

Why Choose Genelec?

  • First and foremost they sound incredible
  • Genelec Speakers are powered – just plug straight into them
  • They look great and blend nicely into your living room with style
  • Connecting to your TV, Laptop, ipod, phone or SONOS System is a breeze
  • Woofers and tweeters are enclosed so little paws and fingers can’t touch them
  • they come with a 3 year warranty when registered online
  • designed and made in Finland using eco friendly recycled materials


Genelec Speakers are Active – this is what sets them aside from other speaker brands – what this means is that the amplifiers are built into the speakers. The reason Genelec have chosen this approach is that the amps are perfectly paired with the speakers at the design and manufacture stage resulting in a more powerful speaker with a reliability that exceeds that of all other design. In addition to this Genelec have designed a speaker box that is slightly curved this in not just for looks alone, they allow the sound hit you with a precise, neutral sound, free of any unwanted reflections no matter where your listening position is.

Genelec Home speakers G series lifestyle
Genelec Home speakers G series lifestyle


Whether you’re using the Genelec G Series as sound for your TV, to play music from your computer or ipod, or your SONOS System or even a full 5.1 surround system hooking up is a breeze.

CLICK HERE for a full list of easy to follow hook up diagrams.


CLICK HERE For a list of Genelec G Series Australian retailers

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