JDK Audio

JDK Audio is a brand developed and engineered by audio technology super weight – API (Automated Processes, Inc.). API is well known for their processors and people don’t want this to change.  To some extent this leaves the API engineers and designers sitting on their hands which is reason JDK came about. JDK Audio allows the API team to try something different, develop some new ideas that have been floating around the meetings for several years.  JDK was born out of a desire to expand the creative options available at API without any boundaries or restrictions.

JDK Audio is made to the same high standard that has made API famous – the build quality is military and to some extent so is the design style. It’s the sound that impressed me though. The Eq was fantastic. Your stereo bus will come alive with a little subtle tweak. The preamp and compressor are both fine tuned for a musical and flexible tone.

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