Warm Audio Centavo Limited Edition Silver – Professional Overdrive Pedal

Warm Audio have added a new colour to the popular Centavo Overdrive Pedal.

Warm Audio RINGERBRINGER and WARMBENDER Pedals Release

To kick off 2024 Warm Audio has release two exciting new pedals the Ringer Bringer and the Warm Bender. In true Warm Audio style both pedals have received the same high build and sound quality as all the other Warm Audio Pedal releases. Contact one of our exclusive authorised Warm Audio retailers here in Australia >>>

Audient ORIA Immersive Audio Interface and Controller

Meet ORIA, the world’s first audio interface and monitor controller designed specifically with immersive audio in mind. Built for creating immersive audio mixes for formats such as Dolby Atmos, ORIA lets you calibrate, control and monitor multi-channel speaker arrays from stereo up to 9.1.6 and everything in between. Perfect for music, film, TV, game and VR production. >>>> READ ON

Genelec 4400 Smart IP Speakers

Power and Audio to the Speaker VIA a single CAT 5 Cable >>>

Sandhill Ribbon Microphones Now In Australia

Sandhill Ribbon Microphones are now sold exclusively in Australia by Studio Connections. READ MORE

Warm Audio WA-1B All Tube Optical Compressor

The WA-1B accurately recreates world-class Scandinavian compression, combining smooth tube-optical warmth with precision controls >>> READ ON

Meris MercuryX Modular Reverb Effects Processor

Meris unveils the MercuryX Modular Reverb System Pedal Meris has done it again with the release of the new MercuryX Modular Reverb Pedal. The MercuryX expands on one of their most popular pedals, the Mercury 7 by adding Preset Recall, exciting new Reverb algorithms, flexible modulation and a unique user interface that continues in the […]

Warm Audio WA-14SP Matched Pair

The Warm Audio WA-14SP is a sequential stereo set of the WA-14 mic, an authentic recreation of the ultra-rare unattainable “EB-circuit” 414-style microphone, the most truthful studio mic of all time

Vicki Lee Gallery – The Sounds of Yellow

‘When the senses merge in an overlapping lattice of input – when taste can be touched, sound can be smelt and smell can be seen – how does the world take shape in the mind, and how can what is experienced be expressed through form.’ READ ON >>>

Warm Audio ODD BOX V1 and Mutation Phasor II

Warm Audio expands on their ever-growing Guitar Pedal range with two new additions; the ODD BOX V1 and the Mutation Phasor !! Let’s take a look.

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