Should I buy a WA-76 or WA-2A?

These two compressors are very different in the way they work and in the way they affect audio. In this article we’ll go through each compressor in detail to aid you in your choice.

Audient iD44 Or iD14 – Which One Should I Buy?

About 6 months ago audio Interface manufacturer Audient launched the latest in their iD series of USB Audio Interfaces, the Audient iD44. At face value this interface looks fairly similar to their popular and cheaper iD14 interface but there is a lot more under the hood than what you may see at first glance.


The Melbourne Audio Trade Show brings together audio professionals, students, music retailers and wholesalers at the Melbourne SAE campus. As part of the 2018 trade show Studio Connections offered up an Audient iD22 audio interface valued at $799 as a prize. This years lucky winner is 3rd year Bachelor of Audio Engineering Student Izzy La Macchia. We caught up with Izzy for a chat about about SAE, Audient and Music


Audient is proud of the their ARC included software bundle that comes standard with all Audient units. They don’t want to give you useless unrelated software that does little to enhance your creative flow. They want to provide a bundle of tools that helps you create, produce and master your projects without having to go out and buy anything else to get you started.

The announcement of the new ACR Creative Bundle features some really nice plugins from Waldorf and Two Notes. You get over 1 GB of samples from Loopmasters to use. Cubase is still the DAW of choice and Landr is still there to take your tracks to the final step – Mastering.

What is a Network Renderer and why is it Important in a High End Music System?

Since the 1850’s humans have pushed the technological envelope, trying to capture and replay music. Thomas Edison invented the phonograph cylinder in 1877, it quickly evolved from a piece of thin tin wrapped around a cylinder to a wax cylinder and in 1889, the first pre-recorded cylinders were available for sale. This ability to capture a performance and enjoy it at any time later in our own homes, set us on a journey to refine and hone the technology available to us to further the art of recorded music playback.

ONE Flight Up Studios Talks about their API 1608 Recording Console

One Flight Up Recording Studios is the brainchild of Nick Irving and when you enter the studio you can’t help feel that he has put a lot of time and love into this space – It’s impressive. The space is well decked out and instantly feels comfortable – a place you want to knuckle down and get some serious work done. The first room you enter is the kitchen/chill out room with a couch and coffee machine, fridge and sink. This room breaks off into 2 more rooms. The first is a smaller studio space and the other is the main control room. The smaller studio is a writing, pre production suite and is well equipped with some Neve 1073 preamps and a nice, easy access Vocal booth. Perfect for getting a track into shape and laying down some quality vocals.


Speaker manufacturers are always going on about how flat their studio monitors are, as if it’s the one key speaker specification that is going to swing the votes in their direction. What they are talking about is the frequency response. Meaning there is minimal shift in DB along the frequency spectrum from very low to high frequencies.

Producer Shawn Naderi Talks Genelec Smart Active Monitoring

About 6 months ago we installed a set of Genelec SAM studio monitors system into Local Electronic Music Producer Shawn Naderi’s Sydney studio though local Genelec SAM retailer Sounds Easy. You can read the original BLOG HERE. The system comprised of a pair of Genelec 8351 3 way SAM monitors and a 7271 SAM dual 12″ sub all calibrated to his room using the Genelec proprietary GLM room calibration system. After using the system for a while now we thought we would catch up and see how things are going.


Meet VNCCII (AKA. Sam Tauber) a young upcoming Sydney based Electronic Music artist who is starting to make some noise. Sam talks to us about starting out in the industry and tells us how her Genelec 8240 SAM speakers has given her the freedom to mix at home to a high level.