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Bricasti Design M1 USB Digital to Analog Converter (DAC)

When it comes to high quality digital audio then Bricasti is at the top of the game. The
Bricasti M10
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Bricasti Design M10 Remote Controller

The Bricasti Design Model 10 remote console is a dedicated hardware remote controller for use with the M7
Bricasti M15 Front
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Bricasti Design M15 Stereo Power Amplifier

When Bricasti decided to make a power amplifier a hush fell over the High End Hifi world. Unlike

Bricasti Design M28 Mono Block Power Amplifier

The Bicasti M28 is a top of the line mono block amplifier design and made in the US
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Bricasti Design M7 Stereo Reverb Processor

Coming from designing DSP functionality for Reverb giant Lexicon it is no surprise that Bricasti have built a
Bricasti M7M front
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Bricasti Design M7M Stereo Reverb Mainframe Processor

The Bricasti M7M is essentially the same as the legendary M7 reverb processor however it doesn't offer the
Bricasti M7M With Remote
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Bricasti Design System 1 – M10/M7M Bundle

The Bricasti System 1 is a bundle offer that include 1 Bricasti M7M Mainframe Reverb processor and the M10
Bricasti M5 side angle
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Bricasti M-5 Network Player

The Bricasti M5 network player is a network interface and media renderer that connects to your server via
Bricasti M21 Front panel
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Bricasti M21 Dual Mono Source Controller (DAC)

The Bricasti M21 is all class and proves to be one of the best Digital to Analog converters
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