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Drawmer 4x4r-front
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Drawmer 4x4R Rackmount Active Splitter

The Drawmer 4x4R is a 4 in/16 out mic/line signal splitter. It's an ideal tool to provide multiple outputs

Drawmer DRA-DA6 – Balanced Distribution Amplifier

The Drawmer DA 6 handles distribution of mono and stereo balanced audio signals from a single source to
Drawmer 4x4
Sold out

Drawmer Kickbox 4×4 Portable Active Splitter

The Drawmer Kickbox is a versatile portable active 4 channel preamp with active splitter feature that comes in

Drawmer LA12 Line Distribution Amplifier

The Drawmer LA12 provides one stereo input with master 'gain' and 'balance' controls and twelve stereo outputs, each with individual

Drawmer SL22 Stereo Level Limiter

Whether you need to protect your speakers, your hearing whilst listening to headphones or your premises license the

Drawmer SP2120 Sound Level Limiter

The Drawmer SL2120 is a hard limiter to ensure sound levels don't exceed a specific volume. Designed for clubs

Granite Sound CBP1 Beltpack

The GS-CBP1, Granite Sound’s most popular single-channel beltpack, has a well-deserved reputation for its convenience and reliability.

Granite Sound CLS1 Loudspeaker Station

Reliable and hardwearing. Granite Sound's Loudspeaker Outstations provide excellent communication options. Reflecting high quality and offering straightforward functions,

Granite Sound CMS2 Master Station

Considered by many to be the definitive master station, thanks to it legendary ease of use, the GS-CMS2

Granite Sound GS-ACDS2 Armoured Headphones

Day-long wearer comfort is the hallmark of the GS-ACDS2 Dual-Muff Headphone. With its noise-isolating cushioned ear pads, lightness

Granite Sound GS-CHS1 Single-Muff Headset

The GS-CHSE1 is a high performance headset with the added functionality of a rotatable microphone boom that can

Granite Sound GS-CHSE1 Single Muff Headset


Granite Sound SC2 Beltpack – High Power

Granite Sound beltpacks are strong and reliable. Offering easy access and extensive power, the GS-SC2 provides the ideal


CLEAN GAIN and SONIC COLOUR The Soyuz Microphones Launcher has been designed to add gain and character to a
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