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API 5500 Dual Channel EQ with Range Switch

The API 5500 is a world class dual channel 4 band parametric equalizer that sounds fantastic at both

API 550A 3 Band 500 Series EQ

The API 550A is probably the most popular of the API EQ sections. Using three discrete parametric EQ

API 550b 4 Band 500 Series EQ

The API 550b is a Re-issue of classic 1967 API 550 EQ with an extra band. Having an extra

API 560 Discrete 10 Band 500 series Graphic EQ

Graphic EQ's tend to find themselves in touring and live rigs however I feel they are underused in

API 565 Filter Bank

The 565 is an elegant simplied API EQ section in the 500 series - the delicate high and low

Drawmer 1961 Dual Channel Tube Equaliser

The Drawmer 1961 gives you 2 channels of 4 discrete bands of fully parametric tube EQ plus a pair

JDK R24 Dual Channel 4 Band Equalizer

As soon as I put this EQ on a Stereo Buss the music came alive. I couldn't believe

JDK V14 4 Band 500 Series Equalizer

The JDK V14 500 series EQ is a 4 band semi parametric design. This EQ sounds fantastic. It's
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