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Soyuz Microphones SU-023 Bomblet

The Bomblet is the latest studio condenser microphone from Boutique Russian Microphone manufacturer Soyuz. This mic takes its
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SOYUZ SU-011 M Tube Pencil Microphone ( Matched Pair)

This Listing is for a Pair of SOYUZ SU-11 Tube Pencil microphones. Please let us know if you
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SOYUZ SU-011 Tube Pencil Microphone

The SU-011 small diaphragm condenser microphone features a cardioid polar pattern capsule, but you can always add a
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SOYUZ SU-013 FET Pencil Microphone

The SOYUZ SU-013 is a small diaphragm condenser that sounds great on acoustic guitars, overheads and percussion. It
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SOYUZ SU-013 M FET Pencil Microphone (Matched Pair)

This listing is for a pair of SOYUZ SU-013 Pencil Microphones. Please let us know if you want a
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SOYUZ SU-017 Tube Microphone

The SOYUZ SU-17 is the Flagship in the SOYUZ microphone range. It is a large diaphragm valve condenser
Soyuz microphones SU-19 Front
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SOYUZ SU-19 FET Microphone

The SOYUZ SU-019 is a FET large diaphragm condenser microphone that sounds great on both vocals and acoustic instruments.
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