512 Audio Adjustable Microphone Boom Arm


The 512-BBA is an adjustable microphone boom arm featuring a silent, internal, high-tension spring design, extra-wide mounting clamp, and articulating integrated swivel. With 360 degrees of rotation and simple two-axis adjustment, you’ll easily find and maintain the perfect mic position every time without making a sound.

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512 Audio Adjustable Microphone Boom Arm Specs

Upper Arm Length:18.5in (470mm)
Lower Arm Length:18.5in (470mm)
Weight:3.9lbs (1.75kg)
Horizontal Reach:31.5in (800mm)
Vertical Reach:32in (820mm)
Rotation:360 degrees
Load:Supports microphones weighing 1-3lbs including shock mount (450g – 1360g)
Maximum Desktop Thickness:2in (55mm)
Included Accessories:5 Velcro wraps