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ADK Z-47 Tube Microphone


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The Neuman U47 is one of the microphones that are in holy grail territory but unfortunately just don’t come up for sale or if they do are so expensive they are out of the reach of most of us. Enter ADK with their Z-47 Tube microphone with is a faithful recreation of that classic Neumann U47. The Z-47 sounds fantastic and ADK presents as a no compromise microphone for capturing that smooth and gutsy classic U47 sound. Use this microphone on your vocals and your singers will be blown away. It’s that good. This microphone comes in a Tweed case with Shock mount, pop filter, cable, power supply and a selection of interchangeable tubes.

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  • Elegant American-Made Tweed Flight Case
  • American Chrome and Powder-Coat Chassis
  • Hand-Crafted in USA Electronics Assembly
  • Wooden Velvet Lined Microphone Case
  • HD Ring-Shock Combination Suspension Mount
  • Low-Profile Ring Mount (Hard-mount)
  • Foam Windscreen
  • Pop Filter Pop Filter (w/ Gooseneck and Clamp)
  • Switchable 230/115v Power Supply w/ 9 Polar Patterns
  • 16′ Accu-Sound Silver-Pro 7-Pin Tube Microphone XLR Cable
  • 16′ Accu-Sound Silver-Pro 3-Pin: Silver-plated XLR Cable
  • Spare Elastics for Shock Mount
  • Extra Low-Noise Valve/Tube Sampler Pack for fine-tuning tonality
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