Bricasti Design M15 Stereo Power Amplifier


When Bricasti decided to make a power amplifier a hush fell over the High End Hifi world. Unlike its big brother the M28, the M15 is a true stereo power amp. For a list of specs see the description. A Power Amp should deliver unrestrained constant power while, with little THD and without compromise to imaging and detail. The M15 delivers in all these areas. Your speakers will love this amp and so will your ears.

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Bricasti M15 Tech Specs

Total Harmonic Distortion THD+N less than 0.005% 20hz-20kHz at full rated power into 8 and 4 ohms.
Power 125W into 8 ohms, 250W into 4 ohms, 500W into 2 ohms.
Frequency response 10hz-150kHz, within 0.5db.
Signal to Noise greater than 85db at full rated power.
Power Topology Fully Differential.
Balanced Input XLR connector 200k ohm impedance.
Unbalanced Input RCA connector 100k ohm impedance.
Weight 90 lbs.
Shipping Weight 110 lbs.
Finish Anodized Aluminum.
Mains Voltage set at factory 100, 120, 220, 230, 240 VAC, 50 Hz – 60 Hz.
Trigger In TRS connector for 5V external trigger.
Input Trim 0db, -6db, -12db,-18db of attenuation.
Power consumption 60W standby, 2W idle.
Warranty parts and labor 5 yrs limited.