SOYUZ 013 FET Pencil Microphone


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Sku: SU-013

The SOYUZ 013 FET Microphone is a small diaphragm condenser that sounds great on acoustic guitars, overheads and percussion. It features the same capsule as the Tube SU-011 microphone but with a FET pre-amp. We worked very hard to develop our own proprietary transformer, which gives the 013 a rich and beautiful sound. It comes in Soyuz’ signature cream and brass as well as in classic black.

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Soyuz 013 FET Specifications:

Type - FET microphone
Capsule - 25mm gold sputtered membrane
Frequency Range - 20Hz / 20kHz
Polar Pattern - Cardioid/switchable capsules: hypercardioid, omni
Sensitivity - 20 mV/Pa
Impedance - 150 Ohms
SPL - 143 dB
Equivalent Noise - 16 dB (a-weighted)
Power - Phantom 48V
Size - 122mm length x 25mm diameter (24mm capsule head diameter)
Weight - 200 grams (single microphone)
Extras - Wooden microphone box, -10 dB pad, Clip hoolder


Black, White

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