SOYUZ SU-011 Tube Pencil Microphone (DEMO)

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The SU-011 small diaphragm condenser microphone features a cardioid polar pattern capsule, but you can always add a Hyper cardioid or OMNI if you like. This microphone feels amazing – it’s solid and oozes quality. There are not many Tube Pencil microphones on the market and this is certainly one of the better options.  Seeking more adventurous sonic possibilities? The SU-011 can accommodate the capsules the SU-017, giving you both large and small diaphragm options in a small body format.

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Soyuz SU-011 Specifications:

Operating Temperature Range: O°C…..+70°C
Storage Temperature Range: -20°C…..+70°C
Humidity Range: 0%…90% at +20°C and 0%…85% at +60°C
tube condenser microphone
Directional Pattern: Cardioid with optional capsules in omni and hypercardioid (sold separately)
Frequency Range: 20Hz – 20kHz
Sensitivity: cardioid 12 mv/Pa; omni 10 mv/Pa; hypercardioid 14 mv/Pa
Impedance: 150 Ohm
SPL -120 dB Equivalent Noise: less than 18 dB (a-weighted)
Tube Type: 6S6B
Power: Dedicated power supply- BP-011
Size: 26x123mm
Weight: 30 grams
Accessories: 1 SU-011 wooden storage case, 1 BP-011 power supply with power cable, 1 XLR microphone cable (5 meters), 1 SU-011 microphone clip.

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