WindTech 20/421 Series Microphone Windscreen


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WindTech 20/421 Series Microphone Windscreen

Inside Diameter: 1.875" (48 mm)
Inside Depth: 3.250" (83 mm)
Overall Height: 4.375" (111 mm)
Overall Diameter: 3.375" (86 mm)
Packaging: Box or Bulk (20/421B)
Colors Available: 18
Also Known As Model: WS-1 (WS 1 / AT8137)

20/421 Series Windscreen Fits the Following Microphones:
ADK 51S, Area 51TT, TC. AKG 120, 220, 420, 820 Tube, C2000, C3000, C4000, C4500, C5600, D3400, D3500, D3600, "The Tube", Perception 100, 820. Audio Technica BP-40, AE2500, AE3000, AT2020, AT2035, ATR2500, AT4033, AT3035, AT4040, AT4047, AT4050, AT4060, AT4080, AT8137 windscreen, ATM250. Audix CX101, CX111, CX211. Beyer M99, MC834, MCE82, MCE90. CAD M177, M170. Cascade M20u. Electro Voice RE20, PL20, RE27 N/D, RE320, RE1000, RE2000. Heil PR30/B, PR40. Mojave MA200, MA201
MXL BCD-1, V87, 5000. Neumann TLM50, TLM102, TLM103, TLM170, TLM193, U87i, U89i, U/SM69. Oktava MC219, MC220, MC312, MC319, VM100. Peavey PVM520i.
Rode NT1, NT2, NTV, NT1000, Broadcaster. Samson CO1. Sanken CU-41. Sennheiser e602, MD421U. Shure KSM27, KSM32, KSM44, SM7B. Sony C800. Stedman M90. Sterling ST77, ST79.

And most large format studio and broadcast type microphones up to 2.125" (54mm) in diameter.

NOTE: The recommendations given are estimates based on the manufacturers published specifications. This list is intended as a guide only. The user should try the windscreen for proper fit and use. Shape, size and color may vary slightly from different production lots.

Grey-01, Off-White-02, Yellow-03, Red-04, Royal Blue-05, Purple-06, Tangerine-07, Orange-08, Brown-09, Pink-10, Green-11, Black-12, Light Grey-13, Navy Blue-14, Mauve-15, French Blue-16, Apricot-17, Sea Green-18, Tan-19, Neon Pink-20, Neon Yellow-21, Neon Green-22.
See color chart below. NOTE: Not all colours may be available at time of order.

The model number is derived from a combination
of the Series number and the Color number.
For example, a black 300 Series would be a 312, a red 1100 Series would be an 1104.


Gray, White, Red, Orange, Brown, Green, Black, Navy Blue, French Blue, Neon Pink

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