WindTech Mic Muff MM-52 Microphone Windshield


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WindTech Mic Muff MM-52 Microphone Windshield

Fur Grey Colour

Internal Dims 82 x 82 x 60 mm

Spherical Shape

3/4″ Fur Length

Up to 20dB Wind Noise Reduction

Slips Over Existing Windscreen

Acoustically Transparent

Made in America

The Mic-Muff has been tested and used in a variety of applications. Typically, the Mic-Muff will provide up to 20db of wind noise reduction in a 20 MPH wind with virtually no negative effect on frequency response. While the Mic-Muff is designed to be used over the foam windscreen that came with your microphone or video camera, some models are designed to fit over the mic alone and are listed with an * next to the model number. If improved performance or a replacement foam windscreen is needed, the WindTech SG Series offers models to fit most microphones and video cameras. The WindTech BG Series is also available for professional outdoor News and Film applications. There are specific Mic-Muff models to fit both the SG and BG Series windscreens.

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