Why Buy Genelec

The Reasons for buying a set of Genelec Speakers can be broken down into 10 Key points:

  • Sound Quality – Genelec have always been considered to be at the very pinnacle of sound quality. While they are always looking to improve other elements of their speaker design; like energy efficiency, for example, sound quality is never compromised.
  • Balance – Frequency balance is key to Genelec’s sound. It’s easy to make a speaker sound impressive. Just add a bunch of high and low frequencies and most speakers will sound pretty good. This is how a lot of speaker manufacturers design their speakers, however, having a massive scoop in the midrange is really bad for your mix. Genelec place higher importance on having a better distribution of frequencies over an energetically alive speaker. By having a frequency balanced sound your mixes will translate to other sound systems much better.
  • Imaging – Imaging is the ability to pinpoint a sound in the stereo field from left to right. Most speakers can affect a good stereo image when seated in the optimal listening position but Genelec also has an incredible off-axis image. When you lean over to adjust a synth or compressor you will still get a good sense of image and tonal balance when listening to a set of Genelecs.
  • Build Quality – When you pick up a Genelec speaker you know you are holding a piece of Quality design and craftsmanship. The build is robust and feels solid.
  • Warranty – When you buy a set of Genelec Speakers you get a 2-year warranty. In addition to this if a customer registers their speakers by following this link: https://www.community.genelec.com/ Genelec will cover any spare parts for an extra 3 years on top of the existing 2. Yes, that’s 5 years of warranty for any parts that need replacing.
  • Trust – Genelec place a lot of faith in their speakers and is why they give you so much warranty. They trust their speakers so that you can feel confident in buying them. Being the Australian Distributor of Genelec since 1992 we can tell you it’s rare to get a speaker back for repair. And if we do it’s typically a simple board swap.
  • Eco-Friendly – Genelec has always been extremely eco-friendly. They have developed Intelligent Signal Sensing (ISS™) for power consumption reduction in standby mode. They also use recyclable materials for their enclosures whenever possible. Genelec is always looking at new ways of improving their environmental footprint.
  • In-house Manufacturing – All speakers are hand build in the Genelec factory, (see below) on the banks of the Porovesi Lake in Finland. No wonder they want to protect the environment.
  • Leaders, not Followers – Genelec pride themselves on Developing innovative technologies. They are first to pioneer many modern technologies that other speaker manufacturers have since adopted.
  • Design – Internationally renowned Finnish industrial designer Harri Koskinen has been working with Genelec since 2000 and is instrumental in how great Genelec speakers look.  He brings a unique eye to the design which is both functional and aesthetically pleasing. Just have a look at the acclaimed 6040 which he designed in 2001. These are the precursor to the 8040 design and look stunning.
  • Genelec was the first to develop a fully active speaker design for the professional market.
  • First to move away from the typical wooden box and use a solid monocoque aluminium enclosure.
  • First to use a Standby mode for power consumption.
  • Have pioneered a room calibration system with onboard DSP to fit their speakers to any room.
  • First to have a built-in ISO pod for decoupling the enclosure from any flat surface.

Key Technologies are listed on the product page for each Genelec Speaker Model. Just go to www.genelec.com and look up the speaker you need specific info on and click on the icon.

genelec key technologies

The Genelec Factory in Finland where all Genelec Speakers are Hand built to their high specification.

Genelec HQ
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