512 Audio

Where to buy 512 Audio

512 Audio is a new audio brand hailing from Austin Texas. Their focus is on manufacturing professional audio equipment specifically for the ever growing creator market at an attractive price – vlogger, streamers, podcasters, gamers and audio professionals. Their range currently includes microphones, headphones, boom arms and pop filters. 512 Audio is created by the team behind Warm Audio, an industry-leading manufacturer of award-winning, classic-inspired microphones, preamps, guitar pedals and more. Warm Audio have a great track record in the professional audio industry and they have used this knowledge and reputation to launch the 512 Audio brand with the focus on content creators.

Austin is known as the “live music capital of the world” and the “city of the violet crown” for the remarkable colour of our skies at sunset. This is reflected in the brand colours and brand name – 512 being the Austin area code.