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API 500 VPR 10 Slot 500 Series Rack

The API VPR 500 is the ultimate 10 Slot 500 series rack for the studio. It hold up to

API 505 500 Series Direct Input

The API 505-DI is a high quality 500 series DI designed to accept a guitar, bass or keyboard

API 512C 500 Series Mic/Line Pre Amp

What makes people want the an API preamp is the detail and punchy character of the mid range.

API 512V 500 Series Mic/Line Pre Amp

The API 512v is a mic preamp is essentially a 512c but with one major addition - an

API 525 500 Series Compressor

This unit is a faithful re issue of the all time classic API compressor the 525 originally designed

API 527 500 Series Compressor

The API 527 Compressor/Limiter makes use of the 2510 and 2520 Discrete Op-amps to give it that distinct

API 535-LA 500 Series Line Amplifier

The API 535-LA is a dedicated line level amplifier for providing line level instruments enough gain to hit

API 550A 3 Band 500 Series EQ

The API 550A is probably the most popular of the API EQ sections. Using three discrete parametric EQ

API 550b 4 Band 500 Series EQ

The API 550b is a Re-issue of classic 1967 API 550 EQ with an extra band. Having an extra

API 560 Discrete 10 Band 500 series Graphic EQ

Graphic EQ's tend to find themselves in touring and live rigs however I feel they are underused in

API 565 Filter Bank

The 565 is an elegant simplied API EQ section in the 500 series - the delicate high and low

API 6 Slot 500 Series Lunchbox

The API 6 Slot Lunchbox is a 500 series rack that holds any 500 series modules in a

API 8 Slot 500 Series Lunchbox

You would choose the API 8 slot 500 series lunch box because it has simplified I/O connections. Using
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API Rack Ears For 6 or 8 Slot Lunchbox

Use this product for the API 6 and 8 unit lunchboxes to enable you to use in a

Drawmer DS101 500 Series Noise Gate

Get that clasic Drawmer DS series gate in a 500 Series format - this gate is everything you

JDK V10 500 Series Mic Pre

The JDK Audio V10 is a single channel professional grade microphone preamp, designed from the ground up by

JDK V12 500 Series Compressor

The JDK Audio V12 is a single channel analog compressor in the 500 series format made famous by

JDK V14 4 Band 500 Series Equalizer

The JDK V14 500 series EQ is a 4 band semi parametric design. This EQ sounds fantastic. It's

Meris 440 Microphone Preamp

The Meris 440 Microphone preamp is a beautiful design. It's what I would call a clean pre. It has

Meris Mercury 7 500 Series Reverb

The Meris Mercury 7 500 Series Reverb is the first of its kind. A quality reverb unit that fits

Meris Ottobit 500 Series FX

This is probably the most interesting adding to your 500 series rack you could find. Made for sound

Meris Stereo Linking Cable

Use this cable to connect two adjacent Meris 500 series units for stereo operation. Works with the Mercury
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