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API 3124MV 4 channel Preamp With Mixer

Both the 3124V and the 3124MV are designed with the professional engineer in mind. Both units give four

API 3124V Discrete 4 Channel Mic/Pre + DI

The API 3124V is a high quality, compact, 4-channel mic preamp equipped with the RE-115 K mic input

API 505 500 Series Direct Input

The API 505-DI is a high quality 500 series DI designed to accept a guitar, bass or keyboard

API 512C 500 Series Mic/Line Pre Amp

What makes people want the an API preamp is the detail and punchy character of the mid range.

API 512V 500 Series Mic/Line Pre Amp

The API 512v is a mic preamp is essentially a 512c but with one major addition - an

API 535-LA 500 Series Line Amplifier

The API 535-LA is a dedicated line level amplifier for providing line level instruments enough gain to hit

API A2D Dual Mic Preamps with Digital Output

The API A2D is essentially two of the famous API 312 Preamp modules in a 19" rack format with 20

API Channel Strip

The API Channel strip features all the classic API modules in one 19" rack mount device. You get

Drawmer 1960 Dual Tube Pre-Amp/Compressor

The Drawmer 1960 is an all time favourite recording tool with studio engineers. It features a pair of

Drawmer 1969 Dual Tube Pre-Amp/Compressor

What sets the drawmer 1960 apart from the rest is its tone and flexibility. Use it when recording

Drawmer 4x4R Rackmount Active Splitter

The Drawmer 4x4R is a 4 in/16 out mic/line signal splitter. It's an ideal tool to provide multiple outputs

Drawmer Kickbox 4×4 Portable Active Splitter

The Drawmer Kickbox is a versatile portable active 4 channel preamp with active splitter feature that comes in

Drawmer MX60 Pro Channel Strip

The Drawmer MX 60 is everything you want front a channel strip - This unit features a fully

JDK 8MX2 8 x 2 Rack Mixer

The extremely versatile 8MX2 rack mount preamp/mixer provides a huge amount of flexibility while fitting into just one

JDK R20 Dual Channel Mic Pre

The JDK R20 dual microphone preamp provides 2 channels of premium analog microphone pre-amplification designed to provide a

JDK V10 500 Series Mic Pre

The JDK Audio V10 is a single channel professional grade microphone preamp, designed from the ground up by
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