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Bricasti Pro Audio and Hifi History

There is little known about this company Bricasti other than a name that inspires thoughts of high end Italian sports cars and flashy designer fashion. This couldn’t be further from the truth as Bricasti is a company cofounded by two American legends in the pro audio industry, Brian Zolner and Casey Dowdell. Both founders have come from roles with renowned audio company Lexicon so it’s not surprising that Bricasti’s first product was the M7 high end stereo reverb unit for the professional recording studio.  Biscasti is is a company that designs and build high end audio tools for both the professional Studio market and high end hifi market. The Bricasti product range has expanded to world class DAC and Monoblock power amps for the hifi market. The latest development is the M5 high definition media player that will allow you to stream high Definition audio through your hi-fi via wifi or ethernet.

Multi Grammy award winning Classical Music Producer John Newton of Sound Mirror Mastering and Recording in Boston loves the new M28 Power Amps.  In the video below he describes the superiority of the M28 power amps and why they have become his choice of amp for the Sound Mirror Studios.

You can see the Video HERE.

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