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Drawmer 1960 Dual Tube Pre-Amp/Compressor

The Drawmer 1960 is an all time favourite recording tool with studio engineers. It features a pair of
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Drawmer 1968 Dual Tube Compressor

The Drawmer 1968 is a i unit dual channel stereo tube compressor that features a pair of big
Drawmer 1969
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Drawmer 1969 Dual Tube Pre-Amp/Compressor

What sets the drawmer 1960 apart from the rest is its tone and flexibility. Use it when recording
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Drawmer 1973 Multiband FET Compressor

The Drawmer 1973 Stereo FET Multiband compressor allows you to push into higher ratios without adverse pumping that
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Drawmer 1978 Stereo FET Compressor

The Drawmer 1978 is a great compressor to use on a buss at mixdown. Being an FET design

Drawmer Dl241 XLR – Dual Compressor/Limiter (Balanced XLR Inputs/Outputs)

The Drawmer DL241 is Drawmer's standard fully featured dual channel (stereo) compressor. This is the compressor that has
Drawmer DL251 front
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Drawmer DL251 Dual Spectral Compressor

So what s a Spectral Compressor I hear you ask? Well - The DL251 'Spectral Compressor', incorporates a variable
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Drawmer DL441 Quad Compressor/Limiter

The Drawmer DL 441 features 4 classic Drawmer professional compressor in a single unit rack space. Each compressor provides
Drawmer MX30 compressor
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Drawmer MX30 Dual Gated Compressor Limiter

The Drawmer MX30 is a fully featured compressor limiter with programable gate.You would choose this compressor for its
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