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ADK BERLIN-47 T FET Microphone

The ADK Berlin T-47 FET Microphone is a faithful recreation of the classic Neumann U47 FET but without

ADK CREMONA-251 T FET Microphone

Want a finished recorded sound where little to no EQ or compression is used in the mix? If so,


The ADK T-49 FET represents a modern take on the classic Neumann U49 but using FET technology rather

ADK HAMBURG-67 T FET Microphone

The ADK T-67 is a modern take on the original Neumann U67 but instead of using tubes it

ADK Studio A-6 Microphone

The ADK A6 is a fixed Cardioid Studio condenser Microphone designed for vocals or any acoustic instrument. This

ADK Studio Hamburg MK8 Microphone

The ADK Hamburg Mk8 Large Diaphragm Condenser Microphone is the Eighth Generation of this particular Microphones and offers a

ADK Studio ODIN Microphone

The ADK Odin Condenser Microphone is a single pattern cardioid condenser. It has the same sonic flavour as the

ADK TC-12 Tube Microphone

Hunting down an original AKG C12 can be a painstaking thing and when you do the price will

ADK TC-251 Tube Microphone

When buying a tube microphone there are certain things we look for. First of all it has to

ADK TC-47 Tube Microphone

The ADK TC-47 tube condenser microphone is the best, cost effective way of getting yourself a hand built

ADK TC-49 Tube Microphone

The ADK TC-49 tube condenser microphone is a beast, it sounds warm and inviting - like a big

ADK TC-67 Tube Microphone

The ADK TC-67 tube condenser microphone is the best, cost effective way of getting yourself a hand built

ADK THOR Microphone

The ADK THOR is a  Multi Pattern Condenser Microphone designed with high-SPL in mind. The dynamic range was set to

ADK VIENNA-12 T FET Microphone

Based on the classic AKG C12 the ADK Vienna T-12 FET presents as a modern take on this

ADK Z-12 Tube Microphone

The classic AKG C12 is a rare beast and belong to that group of microphones that are know

ADK Z-251 Tube Microphone

The Telefunken ELAM 251 is one of those mics that just don't get sold. They sit in the

ADK Z-47 Tube Microphone

The Neuman U47 is one of the microphones that are in holy grail territory but unfortunately just don't

ADK Z-49 Tube Microphone

Are you looking for a microphone that captures the rawness and warmth of your sounds without a single

ADK Z-67 Tube Microphone

The ADK Z-67 is a recreation of that classic U67 from Neumann. If the U67 sound is what
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Soyuz Microphones SU-023 Bomblet

The Bomblet is the latest studio condenser microphone from Boutique Russian Microphone manufacturer Soyuz. This mic takes its
$1,499.00 $1,449.00
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SOYUZ SU-011 M Tube Pencil Microphone ( Matched Pair)

This Listing is for a Pair of SOYUZ SU-11 Tube Pencil microphones. Please let us know if you
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SOYUZ SU-011 Tube Pencil Microphone

The SU-011 small diaphragm condenser microphone features a cardioid polar pattern capsule, but you can always add a
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SOYUZ SU-013 FET Pencil Microphone

The SOYUZ SU-013 is a small diaphragm condenser that sounds great on acoustic guitars, overheads and percussion. It
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SOYUZ SU-013 M FET Pencil Microphone (Matched Pair)

This listing is for a pair of SOYUZ SU-013 Pencil Microphones. Please let us know if you want a
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SOYUZ SU-017 Tube Microphone

The SOYUZ SU-17 is the Flagship in the SOYUZ microphone range. It is a large diaphragm valve condenser
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SOYUZ SU-19 FET Microphone

The SOYUZ SU-019 is a FET large diaphragm condenser microphone that sounds great on both vocals and acoustic instruments.
$2,730.00 $2,720.00
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