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The pinnacle of Pro Audio in Australia

The pinnacle of Pro Audio in Australia

Studio Connections Australia is an Australian owned and operated company that has been at the pinnacle of Pro Audio in Australia since it’s foundation by Deb and Dave Sloss in 1992

Whether your application is a multi million dollar production facility, a home studio, an entertainment installation or a home theatre, you can rest assured that our experienced team is committed to providing you with the right solution. Our long standing associations with the world’s finest audio manufacturers and a combined commitment to quality and sustainability have made us the premier pro audio distributor in the country. At Studio Connections Australia we are excited by a constant stream of new and innovative products. Through our network of selected MI and AV specialists we pride ourselves on our ability to provide outstanding customer service, guaranteeing professional studio quality performance for your audio environment.

Studio Connections is the official distributor for the following Brands

: Anasounds, Audient, Bricasti Design,EVO by Audient, Drawmer Electronics, Genelec OY, Meris, Point Source Audio, Schoeps Microphones, Soyuz Microphones, Warm Audio, Windtech Windscreens and more.