Granite Sound SC2 Beltpack – High Power


Granite Sound beltpacks are strong and reliable. Offering easy access and extensive power, the GS-SC2 provides the ideal solution for any audio professional.

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Granite Sound SC2 Beltpack – High Power Product Features

Single channel operation. High Power output for high ambient noise environments

The GS-SC2’s headphone volume and side tone adjustments are easily accessed while in use. It also incorporates a combined microphone on/call button that allows simultaneous call signal operation and microphone use.

Powerful and durable, this beltpack is the perfect choice for live concerts and show professionals, delivering up to 4-times more power to the headphones than conventional beltpacks.

Features Include:
*   Combined microphone on/call button
*   3-pin XLR connector
*   Superb quality delivered to the headset