WindTech 10377 Military High Density Windscreen


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WindTech 10377 Military High Density Windscreen

10377 Military Specifications:
Inside Diameter: 0.375″ (10 mm)
Inside Depth: 1.250″ (32 mm)
Overall Height: 1.500″ (38 mm)
Overall Diameter: 1.125″ (29 mm)
Colors Available: Black
Includes Carnauba water wicking treatment

* The 10377 Military High Density Windscreen fits many Lavalier, Lapel, Military, Aviation and Police type headsets with up to a .5625” (14.2mm) diameter.

These windscreens offers up to 20db of wind noise protection, depending the microphone being used, with virtually no affect on the microphone frequency response.

Fit many Military, Police, Commercial Aircraft, and TV Sportscaster style headsets including Bose, ClearCom, David-Clark, LightSpeed, MicW, Motorolla, Porta-Phone, PVP and Telex. Nicknamed the “100 MPH Windscreen”, this product offers superior noise rejection in very high wind applications such as Police motorcycles, live Sports as well as open cockpit and Military aircraft. This windscreen is treated with a proprietary water repellent / wicking treatment that meets Military requirement standards. Including, the 100 hour float test and 24 hour 4 gram maximum water absorption test.