WindTech 10380 High Density Military Microphone Windscreen


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WindTech 10380 High Density Military Microphone Windscreen

Inside Diameter: 0.375″ (10 mm)
Inside Depth: 1.250″ (32 mm)
Overall Height: 1.500″ (38 mm)
Overall Diameter: 0.875″ (22 mm)
Colours Available: Black
Material: High Density, Military Grade S80 SonicFoam™
Includes proprietary Carnauba water wicking treatment

10380 Windscreen Fits the Following Microphones: AKG CK97C,C567. Audio Technica AT853, 803B, 855, 857, 859, ATM35, ATM350, Pro35, U853, U857. Audix M1245, M1290, ADX-20, ADX112, ADX118. Beyer MC5, MC6, MCE10, 52. SHM22, SHM88. Electro Voice RE98, CO90, CO90P, CO94, CO100, CP212, 218, CS200, CH230. RE90H, RE92. MicW CN201, E216, M215, N201, N241. Samson VLP-1, QE. Sennheiser ME34, ME35, MKE40-60. Shure EZG, EZO, MX183, MX184, MX185, MX412. SM83a, SM84a, 839w, SM98, SM99. Sony AH-1, ECM-X7, ECM-44, 55, 66, 166. Special Projects SP4700, SP746, SP756, SPH20.

And most slim-line podium or lavalier style microphones with up to .4375” (12mm) in diameter. *