Drawmer DS101 500 Series Noise Gate


Get that clasic Drawmer DS series gate in a 500 Series format – this gate is everything you want from a gate and the best gates are always made by Drawmer. The DS 101 fits nicely into your 500 series lunchbox for ease of use and space saving.

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Drawmer DS101 500 Series Noise Gate Product Features

  • Fully featured noise gate based on the industry standard DS201.
  • Takes up a single 500 series slot.
  • Proprietary Hysteris or “trigger stabilization” to prevent “chatter” around the threshold.
  • Fully variable high pass and low pass filters for “frequency conscious” gating.
  • Comprehensive envelope control, attack, hold, decay, and range.
  • External triggering via key input or the new IR trigger pulse from another DS101.
  • “Key Listen” facility.
  • Extremely fast attack time, to preserve the natural attack of the sound.
  • Linkable – up to ten units in one rack space – with individual envelope shaping.
  • Drawmer “traffic lighting” metering.
  • Can be used for “Gating” or “Ducking”.
  • Low noise design.
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