Drawmer 1968 Dual Tube Compressor


The Drawmer 1968 is a i unit dual channel stereo tube compressor that features a pair of big VU meters to monitor level and gain reduction. The 1968 will operate in both FET or Tube mode or a blend of both to give you a great cross section of tonal flavour.

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Drawmer 1968 Dual Tube Compressor Features

    • 2 Channel Tube/FET Compressor.
    • 2 soft-knee compressors with variable threshold, attack, release and output gain.
    • Switchable BIG and BIGGER control on each channel.
    • Dual mono or true stereo link operation.
    • Side chain access and side chain listen facility.
    • VU metering of gain reduction and output levels.
    • Switchable +10dB mode on VU re-scales the meter for users working at ‘hot’ output levels.
    • VU red warning glow to signify ‘approaching clipping’.
    • Balanced +4dB XLR in/outs.

Due to customer demand we have introduced new features to the 1968 MkII:

  • Expanded the BIG to include BIGGER – setting the filters to 75Hz and 150Hz.
  • Added internal jumpers that can be configured to remove the soft clip section.
  • Added internal jumpers to make the output hotter by 6dB, if required.
  • Improvement have been made to the PSU to lower the noise floor.