Drawmer DS501 Dual Noise Power Gate


The DS501 is a sophisticated dual channel noise gate with fully tuneable ‘Peak Punch’ incorporating a number of features pioneered by Drawmer, which are invaluable to the sound engineer, and not found on conventional noise gates. If you are after a gate than look no further – the DS501 far exceeds every other gate on the market. Fast punchy attack and smooth release. This gate features key inputs for special FX and total control over when the key will kick in.

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Drawmer DS501 Dual Noise Power Gate Product Features

  • ‘Tuneable’ Peak Punch.
  • Variable high pass and low pass filters for “frequency conscious” gating.
  • Comprehensive envelope control, attack, hold, decay, and range.
  • Key input for external triggering.
  • “Key Listen” facility.
  • Extremely fast attack time, to preserve the natural attack of the sound.
  • Balanced inputs and outputs.
  • Stereo linkable.
  • Can be used for “Gating” or “Ducking”.
  • High audio specification.