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Drawmer 1960 Dual Tube Pre-Amp/Compressor

The Drawmer 1960 is an all time favourite recording tool with studio engineers. It features a pair of
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Drawmer 1961 Dual Channel Tube Equaliser

The Drawmer 1961 gives you 2 channels of 4 discrete bands of fully parametric tube EQ plus a pair
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Drawmer 1968 Dual Tube Compressor

The Drawmer 1968 is a i unit dual channel stereo tube compressor that features a pair of big
Drawmer 1969
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Drawmer 1969 Dual Tube Pre-Amp/Compressor

What sets the drawmer 1960 apart from the rest is its tone and flexibility. Use it when recording
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Drawmer 1973 Multiband FET Compressor

The Drawmer 1973 Stereo FET Multiband compressor allows you to push into higher ratios without adverse pumping that
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Drawmer 1978 Stereo FET Compressor

The Drawmer 1978 is a great compressor to use on a buss at mixdown. Being an FET design
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Drawmer 2U Rack-Mount Kit For MC Desktop Range

The MCB Rack Mounting Kit contains two side panels/ears, a front facia, and also a lead that brings
Drawmer 4x4r-front
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Drawmer 4x4R Rackmount Active Splitter

The Drawmer 4x4R is a 4 in/16 out mic/line signal splitter. It's an ideal tool to provide multiple outputs

Drawmer Dl241 XLR – Dual Compressor/Limiter (Balanced XLR Inputs/Outputs)

The Drawmer DL241 is Drawmer's standard fully featured dual channel (stereo) compressor. This is the compressor that has
Drawmer DL251 front
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Drawmer DL251 Dual Spectral Compressor

So what s a Spectral Compressor I hear you ask? Well - The DL251 'Spectral Compressor', incorporates a variable
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Drawmer DL441 Quad Compressor/Limiter

The Drawmer DL 441 features 4 classic Drawmer professional compressor in a single unit rack space. Each compressor provides

Drawmer DMS3 Dual Output A/D Converter


Drawmer DMS4 Master Clock

A high-stability master clock generator! Designed as a sister to the acclaimed Drawmer M-Clock Plus, the name of

Drawmer DMS6 Dual Redundant Wordclock Distribution Amplifier


Drawmer DRA-DA6 – Balanced Distribution Amplifier

The Drawmer DA 6 handles distribution of mono and stereo balanced audio signals from a single source to

Drawmer DS101 500 Series Noise Gate

Get that clasic Drawmer DS series gate in a 500 Series format - this gate is everything you
Drawmer dual gate
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Drawmer DS201 Dual Noise Gate

The Drawmer DS201 dual gate is the industry standard for good reason - This gate is the gate
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Drawmer DS404 Quad Noise Gate

The DS404 Quad Noise Gate has been designed to the highest specification to complement the DS201 Dual Noise
Drawmer gate 501
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Drawmer DS501 Dual Noise Power Gate

The DS501 is a sophisticated dual channel noise gate with fully tuneable 'Peak Punch' incorporating a number of
Drawmer 4x4
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Drawmer Kickbox 4×4 Portable Active Splitter

The Drawmer Kickbox is a versatile portable active 4 channel preamp with active splitter feature that comes in

Drawmer LA12 Line Distribution Amplifier

The Drawmer LA12 provides one stereo input with master 'gain' and 'balance' controls and twelve stereo outputs, each with individual

Drawmer MC 1.1 Monitor/Headphone Controller

The Drawmer MC1.1 is known for its functionality and transparency, offering fantastic sound quality and with the addition of

Drawmer MC 2.1 Monitor/Headphone Controller

The Drawmer MC2.1 is a super quiet rack mount Studio Monitor/speaker selector with dual headphone sends and talkback

Drawmer MC 3.1 Desktop Monitor Controller

The Drawmer MC3.1 is a fully featured passive desktop monitor controller with in built talkback and headphone amp.
Drawmer MC7.1. Top
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Drawmer MC7.1 Surround Monitor Controller

The Drawmer MC7.1 Surround Monitor Controller is the pinnacle of the analogue studio monitoring. It works as a 7.1/5.1
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Drawmer MPA 90 Stereo Power Amp

The Drawmer MPA 90 is a powerful stand alone Amp used to power mid to larger passive studio
Drawmer MX30 compressor
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Drawmer MX30 Dual Gated Compressor Limiter

The Drawmer MX30 is a fully featured compressor limiter with programable gate.You would choose this compressor for its
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Drawmer MX50 Dual Vocal De-Esser

The Human voice is one of the most diverse signals ever encountered by engineers because it contains such
Drawmer MX60 compressor
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Drawmer MX60 Pro Channel Strip

The Drawmer MX 60 is everything you want front a channel strip - This unit features a fully

Drawmer SL22 Stereo Level Limiter

Whether you need to protect your speakers, your hearing whilst listening to headphones or your premises license the

Drawmer SP2120 Sound Level Limiter

The Drawmer SL2120 is a hard limiter to ensure sound levels don't exceed a specific volume. Designed for clubs
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