Granite Sound CLS1 Loudspeaker Station


Reliable and hardwearing. Granite Sound’s Loudspeaker Outstations provide excellent communication options. Reflecting high quality and offering straightforward functions, the GS-CLS1 is suitable for all audio experts.

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Granite Sound CLS1 Loudspeaker Station Product Features

Single channel operation. Combined call & flashing indicator. Desk top or wall mounting

Designed to be either wall-mounted or free-standing, the GS-CLS1 is Granite Sound’s foremost single-channel loudspeaker outstation. The clearly-designed front panel controls make the unit undemanding and easy-to-use; the chunky selector switch ensures effortless swap between microphone and headset input.

– Chunky, Easy to Access Controls
– Microphone and Headset Input Sockets
– Loudspeaker Output Mute Option when Headset Connected
– Free-standing or Wall Mounting Options
– Dependable
– Resiliant