Granite Sound GS-ACDS2 Armoured Headphones


Day-long wearer comfort is the hallmark of the GS-ACDS2 Dual-Muff Headphone. With its noise-isolating cushioned ear pads, lightness and secure fit, it delivers superior sound quality with minimised cross talk.

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The ideal solution for retail or heavy-duty applications. With its steel braided cable, this dual-muff headphone is robust and hardwearing – indeed, it is virtually indestructible.

The unit and cables have been adapted for continuous use, and the superior sound quality remains unsurpassed even after extended use. User comfort is assured with ‘individual fit design, concealed wiring and one-sided cable entry.

The toughened steel headband features generous padding and an ergonomic design. While the durable earpads are constructed from SoftTouch foam and can be easily cleaned with normal household detergents.

This model is currently in use by key high-street music stores in CD listening booths.