Producer Shawn Naderi Talks Genelec Smart Active Monitoring

About 6 months ago we installed a set of Genelec SAM studio monitors system into Local Electronic Music Producer Shawn Naderi’s Sydney studio though local Genelec SAM retailer Sounds Easy. You can read the original BLOG HERE. The system comprised of a pair of Genelec 8351 3 way SAM monitors and a 7271 SAM dual 12″ sub all calibrated to his room using the Genelec proprietary GLM room calibration system. After using the system for a while now we thought we would catch up and see how things are going.


Hi Shawn – So it’s been a little bit of time since we installed the Genelec Monitoring system so we thought we’d do a follow up and see how things are going.


First up how have you been – What have you been working on lately?


I know last we spoke you were putting together a live set – has this come together?


What gear did you settle on for the live rig?


Have you caught up with Harley lately? Anything in the pipeline for you two?


It’s always a balance of work and play – Have you recently been working more on your personal tracks or mixing other peoples?


Your Monitoring System

Shawn Naderi In the studio

You’ve had your Genelec 8351 and 7271 monitoring system for about 6 months now – I remember your initial thoughts were very positive – How are you liking them now that it has bedded in? And have you noticed any change in them?


Have you had to change any GLM settings or move some room treatment around?


Have you found your mixes have improved since installing the system, and if so what way?


Has the GLM software helped in creating more translatable mixes?


l know when you first got the system installed you liked switching between the GLM mode engaged and bypassed. Do you still do this or are you running GLM constantly now?



This system really cranks and I know you make the most of every DB available – have you found yourself maintaining these high SPL’s or have you settled into mixing quieter these days?


Is there anything you would change about your monitor setup?