New Warm Audio Mics for 2022

Warm Audio have been busy with two new additions to their ever growing classic Microphone collection; the Warm Audio WA-CX12 and WA-47 F. READ MORE

512 Audio Tempest USB Microphone

The new Tempest USB microphone by 512 Audio is a large-diaphragm USB C studio microphone based on the foundation of the Warm Audio WA-47 JNR.

Warm Audio WA-8000 Studio Microphone

In the 90’s Sony dropped a mic that has gone on to become a modern classic and found a home in the R&B and HipHop markets – the Song C-800G, affectionately known as “The Uzi” for its unusually mounted heat sink. The Warm Audio WA-8000 is a faithful recreation of this modern classic in all its glory >>>

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