Genelec 4400 Smart IP Speakers

Power and Audio to the Speaker VIA a single CAT 5 Cable >>>

Vicki Lee Gallery – The Sounds of Yellow

‘When the senses merge in an overlapping lattice of input – when taste can be touched, sound can be smelt and smell can be seen – how does the world take shape in the mind, and how can what is experienced be expressed through form.’ READ ON >>>

Genelec 8381A The Main Ones (Studio Monitors)

As part of it’s 45th Anniversary year, Genelec has introduced The Main Ones. The 8381A SAM™Adaptive Point Source ™Main Monitor – a flagship floor-standing design that fuses exceptional precision and envelopment with unrivalled LF control, huge headroom and high-resolution imaging >>> READ ON

Klaus “Heavyweight” Hill Mastering Engineer

Klaus Hill is a world class Mastering Engineer living in Sydney, specialising in Electronic music – or Russian Dance if we take Google at it’s word:)

Come and hear the Genelec 8361A Studio Monitors at Store DJ Sydney

This Wednesday we will be at Store DJ/Mannys Sydney store to give you a private tour and listen of the acclaimed Genelec 8361 A studio monitors. Gather up your favourite tunes and come on in for a listen. We’ll be there from 11am to 2pm Wednesday 2nd March

Forbes Street Studios Goes Immersive with Genelec

Dolby Atmos, Immersive Audio…what does it all mean – And Why has Forbes Street Studios revamped their main studio to incorporate it? READ ON to find out.

SAE Institute Upgrades their Speakers

The most recent SAE facility in Chippendale is a purpose built multi story building featuring dedicated floors for their seven disciplines as well as student lounge/chill spaces. When we received the call from SAE that they were wanting to upgrade their workhorse 25-year-old Genelec speakers the conversation quickly moved to the SAM (Smart Active Monitor) series. READ ON

JMC Academy Installs Genelec Studio Monitors

With great studio design comes a sense of connection, a feeling of belonging to a space. This is certainly true of the new studio renovations at the JMC Academy in Sydney. This sense of connection is not limited to the studios, it continues throughout the entire building

Genelec GLM 4.0.2 Update Is Out Now

Genelec announces an update for GLM 4 loudspeaker manager software adding features and bug fixes.

Producer Shawn Naderi Talks Genelec Smart Active Monitoring

About 6 months ago we installed a set of Genelec SAM studio monitors system into Local Electronic Music Producer Shawn Naderi’s Sydney studio though local Genelec SAM retailer Sounds Easy. You can read the original BLOG HERE. The system comprised of a pair of Genelec 8351 3 way SAM monitors and a 7271 SAM dual 12″ sub all calibrated to his room using the Genelec proprietary GLM room calibration system. After using the system for a while now we thought we would catch up and see how things are going.