512 Audio Tempest USB Microphone

The new Tempest USB microphone by 512 Audio is a large-diaphragm USB C studio microphone based on the foundation of the Warm Audio WA-47 JNR.

Warm Audio WA-8000 Studio Microphone

In the 90’s Sony dropped a mic that has gone on to become a modern classic and found a home in the R&B and HipHop markets – the Song C-800G, affectionately known as “The Uzi” for its unusually mounted heat sink. The Warm Audio WA-8000 is a faithful recreation of this modern classic in all its glory >>>

SAE Institute Upgrades their Speakers

The most recent SAE facility in Chippendale is a purpose built multi story building featuring dedicated floors for their seven disciplines as well as student lounge/chill spaces. When we received the call from SAE that they were wanting to upgrade their workhorse 25-year-old Genelec speakers the conversation quickly moved to the SAM (Smart Active Monitor) series. READ ON

Genelec GLM 4.0.2 Update Is Out Now

Genelec announces an update for GLM 4 loudspeaker manager software adding features and bug fixes.

Warm Audio Cables

“Honestly I’ve been super impressed. The wire quality and the craftsmanship all look and sound great! I will totally deck out my studio with Warm cables!” READ ON!


Warm Audio have a few tasty new treats to sink your teeth into. Find out what is coming soon.


In this time of isolation, we still need to connect with our friends and work colleges. Unfortunately, we cannot meet in person so the next best thing is to have meetings online.

ONE Flight Up Studios Talks about their API 1608 Recording Console

One Flight Up Recording Studios is the brainchild of Nick Irving and when you enter the studio you can’t help feel that he has put a lot of time and love into this space – It’s impressive. The space is well decked out and instantly feels comfortable – a place you want to knuckle down and get some serious work done. The first room you enter is the kitchen/chill out room with a couch and coffee machine, fridge and sink. This room breaks off into 2 more rooms. The first is a smaller studio space and the other is the main control room. The smaller studio is a writing, pre production suite and is well equipped with some Neve 1073 preamps and a nice, easy access Vocal booth. Perfect for getting a track into shape and laying down some quality vocals.

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