Audient ORIA Immersive Audio Interface and Controller

Meet ORIA, the world’s first audio interface and monitor controller designed specifically with immersive audio in mind. Built for creating immersive audio mixes for formats such as Dolby Atmos, ORIA lets you calibrate, control and monitor multi-channel speaker arrays from stereo up to 9.1.6 and everything in between. Perfect for music, film, TV, game and VR production. >>>> READ ON

Sandhill Ribbon Microphones Now In Australia

Sandhill Ribbon Microphones are now sold exclusively in Australia by Studio Connections. READ MORE

Warm Audio WA-1B All Tube Optical Compressor

The WA-1B accurately recreates world-class Scandinavian compression, combining smooth tube-optical warmth with precision controls >>> READ ON

Warm Audio WA-14SP Matched Pair

The Warm Audio WA-14SP is a sequential stereo set of the WA-14 mic, an authentic recreation of the ultra-rare unattainable “EB-circuit” 414-style microphone, the most truthful studio mic of all time

Genelec 8381A The Main Ones (Studio Monitors)

As part of it’s 45th Anniversary year, Genelec has introduced The Main Ones. The 8381A SAM™Adaptive Point Source ™Main Monitor – a flagship floor-standing design that fuses exceptional precision and envelopment with unrivalled LF control, huge headroom and high-resolution imaging >>> READ ON

Klaus “Heavyweight” Hill Mastering Engineer

Klaus Hill is a world class Mastering Engineer living in Sydney, specialising in Electronic music – or Russian Dance if we take Google at it’s word:)

Warm Audio MPX Preamp

Warm Audio continues to roll out the classics – the new WA-MPX and WA-2MPX are faithful recreations of the legendary AMPEX Tape Era Tube Preamp. So what is the Warm Audio MPX and why is the sound so sought after?

Audient iD24 Audio Interface Announcement

Up until 2013 Audient were strictly known as a well respected boutique Recording console manufacturer, but this all changed when in that year Audient released the iD22 Audio Interface. Since then Audient has solidified themselves as a one of the all time greatest Audio Interface designers on the market and continue to expand their ever popular range.

Audient iD44 MKII

Our most powerful audio interface just got better. The latest generation of iD44 sees improved audio performance, additional must-have features and a beautiful new smoke-grey finish >>> READ ON

New Warm Audio Mics for 2022

Warm Audio have been busy with two new additions to their ever growing classic Microphone collection; the Warm Audio WA-CX12 and WA-47 F. READ MORE