What’s the Hype?

Industrial chic meets modern high tech – this is the new Hype Republic Post-Production facility located on the sunny Gold Coast in Queensland. The nondescript façade of this industrial warehouse does not prepare you for entry into a truly amazing world of stained wood, vintage leather, black steel and up to the minute technology. The lighting is ambient, the temperature is cool, and the vibe is relaxed and friendly.

I was introduced to Allan Hardy, co-founder of Hype Republic. Alan was happy to show me through the complex before leading me to the audio production suite where we would calibrate their newly installed Genelec 7.1.4 Dolby Atmos immersive audio system. Built as a free-floating room within a room the audio suite is fully soundproofed and acoustically treated. The room aesthetic reflects the rest of the facility, minimal in design, subdued industrial lighting, Aztec rug and leather tub chairs. It’s modern yet intimate and welcoming.

Hype Republic is an Award-Winning Film, TV and Audio Post-Production facility located in Burleigh Heads on the famous Queensland Gold Coast.


From Allan Hardy, co-founder:

“Our goal has always been to create the most epic and ground-breaking work with the most creative humans (and enjoy every step of the journey). Our new Gold Coast post-production studio brings together the most experienced award-winning specialists with the best equipment and a beautiful facility just minutes to the iconic Burleigh Heads. I have no doubt that the new studio and the projects/people it brings to the Gold Coast will nurture countless opportunities for our local creative community and emerging talent.”

The Set Up

The 7.1.4 immersive audio system featured the following all Genelec setup including speaker stands, wall mounts and ceiling brackets from the Genelec accessories range.

7 x Genelec 8340

4 x Genelec 8330

1 x Genelec 7360 a Sub

3 x 8000-400 stands

4 x 8000-402 wall mounts

4 x 8000-202 short ceiling mounts

1 x Genelec GLM KIT

7.1.4 refers to the configuration of speakers in an immersive rig. In this instance 7 refers to the number of surround speakers – LCR, sides and rears, 1 for the sub and 4 for the ceiling mounted speakers. The Left, Centre and Right speakers were positioned on the Genelec 8000-400 Design floor stands. Sides and rears were mounted to the walls using the Genelec 8000-402 wall mounts. The four 8330 speakers were suspended from the ceiling using the Genelec 8000-202 short ceiling mounts.

Genelec SAM Speakers and GLM

The benefit to using Genelec SAM Speakers and the incorporated GLM software in an immersive setup is that each of the 11 independent speakers and subwoofer is precisely calibrated for frequency response from their specific position in the room. Calibration is seamless. GLM sends a full frequency audio sweep through each speaker and records the frequency reflection in the room via the supplied reference microphone and network adaptor. And the calibration process begins. Once the response has been recorded GLM software uses numerous precision EQ bands to align each speaker relative to its position within the room. GLM will do this for every speaker on the network. In fact it can do this for up to 80 speakers and subwoofers if the job requires. The speakers are then phase aligned to the sub keeping everything tight and balanced.

For 15 years, GLM software has worked with Genelec Smart Active Monitors to minimise the unwanted acoustic influences of your room and help your mixes sound great, everywhere. The latest version of GLM –  4.1,  includes the new AutoCal 2 calibration algorithm and a host of new features – this delivers a much faster calibration time and a more precise frequency response. GLM software, including microphone and network adaptor, is included when you  purchase Genelec SAM speakers and you can download the most recent GLM 4.1 version HERE

The Gold Coast region is beyond spoilt to have this world class Post Production facility right in its midst. With a list of high-profile clients already on their books, a great team and an excellent facility, Hype Republic has set the benchmark for Post-Production in Southeast Queensland.

Contact Hype Republic


2/15 Leda Drive

Burleigh Heads, QLD, 4220


07) 5641 1313

Producer: dayna.yates@hyperepublic.com