Tula Microphones FREE Case


From the 14th of February till the 14th March Tula is offering a FREE case with every Tula Mic sold as a special Valentine’s Day Promotion. We only have a set number of cases to offer so don’t miss out. The Custom fabric hard case fits the Tula Mic with a net pouch for cables and adapters. It’s a perfect accessory for the mobile musician, podcaster or streamer.

What is Tula Mic >>>

The Tula Mic is the most stylish little mic you’ll ever meet. Backed by the people behind Soyuz Microphones you just know it’s going to look and sound fantastic. The Tula Mic is not just limited to function as a USB C Microphone to connect to your computer. It also works as a standalone battery powered mobile recorder. Great for location recording and getting down song ideas quickly. Just turn it on press the record button and you’re away. It cannot be easier.


Where to Buy TULA MIC >>>

CLICK HERE to buy your Tula Mic from one of our Authorised Australian Dealers and get your FREE case