Ten Reasons Why You Should Buy The EVO 16 by Audient

Multi-Channel Smart Gain

What is Smart Gain?

Smart Gain is an intelligent microphone preamp that is featured on all EVO Products. Simply put, activate Smart Gain for any Mic Preamp you are using, play your instrument and the Microphone Preamp level is automatically set making sure you have the correct gain structure. You can set all eight EVO 16 Mic Preamps at the same time. Imagine you’re a drummer, and you have 8 mics on your drums, typically you would need to manually set the mic level for every mic,  whereas with Smart Gain you just press the button, play the kit at the max velocity and – voilà it’s all perfectly set!

EVO 16 Smart Gain


It’s just $799 RRP in Australia. For the sound quality, build and functionality this is incredibly good value.


In addition to the 8 Analogue inputs and outputs you also get an additional 16 inputs and outputs on digital adat connections. Simply connect up an 8-channel preamp with adat out, like the Audient ASP800 to the EVO 16 adat input to double your preamp count, add two to triple it. You can also keep everything in tight sync using the WORD Clock Out.

EVO 16 adat

You don’t need to rack it

The EVO 16 does not need to be screwed into a 19 “rack. In fact  it’s only 14” wide. Why does this matter? Well, having rack ears permanently fixed to a unit makes it awkward to sit on a desk if that’s what you want to do and let’s face it, not everyone has a 19” rack sitting about. Being only 14 inches also makes is easy to transport for mobile recording. Just slip it in your bag without having sharp rack ears snagging on everything. Rack ears are available as an option if you need them.

EVO 16 Rack Kit

Dynamic Range

What is it and how does it improve the sound of the EVO 16?

In its purest form, dynamic range in music production is simply the decibel (dB) difference between quietest and loudest sounds in a mix or audio file. The EVO 16 has a MASSIVE 121dB of dynamic range. It’s high performance converter technology makes sure you hear your audio accurately, helping you make creative decisions confidently, identify issues and improve your recording and mixing game.

Motion UI

The Motion user interface (UI) has been designed to change the way you interact with your audio interface. For the first time, a stunning high resolution, full colour LCD screen intelligently displays information as you need it, transforming EVO 16 into a fully immersive, easy to use experience. Other Audio Interfaces have LCD display I hear you say. Yes, this is true, however the EVO 16 always provides you with the information you need depending on the button selected. In essence this means no menu diving and constant wheel scrolling. Very helpful indeed.

EVO 16 Motion UI

Stand Alone Mode

This one’s a biggy…. the EVO 16 can work as a stand-alone unit. Yes, you can use it as a mixer without being connected to the computer.  You simply need to first connect to a computer, configure the I/O how you want it, store the settings then unplug it from the computer. Now here’s the Bonus – you can use it as an 8-channel preamp to adat converter. What this means is that you can connect one EVO 16 to the adat inputs of a second and get 16 inputs at once. Mind blown!

Monitor Controller

If you have two sets of speakers, you can use the EVO 16 ALT speaker out to switch between them, functioning as a speaker switcher or Monitor controller. Neat.

Going Metal

Unlike its little brothers, the EVO 16 has a metal chassis with a solid plastic front plate. This gives the EVO 16 a solid construction but still features that cool, slightly rubberised matt finish seen on the EVO 4 and 8.

Dual Headphone outputs

Having the ability to work on headphones with your singer or musician in the same room is essential to eliminate microphone feedback. So, it’s a blessing that the EVO 16 has two dedicated headphone outs standard.

*  Special mention – have you seen a Ghost



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