Warm Audio MPX Preamp

Warm Audio continues to roll out the classics – the new WA-MPX and WA-2MPX are faithful recreations of the legendary AMPEX Tape Era Tube Preamp. So what is the Warm Audio MPX and why is the sound so sought after?

The WA-MPX is an authentic reproduction of the most revered microphone tube preamp that pioneered the birth of rock ‘n’ roll & radio-ready hits. During the golden-era of tape recording, this style of vintage tube preamp became the signature sound in the signal chain of hit recordings including Elvis Presley, Kurt Cobain, Les Paul, and Bing Crosby – and is a sound that is still pursued by today’s biggest artists. With premium components, true-to-original circuit design, and tape saturation control, the WA-MPX authentically reproduces all the analog tone of the original to bring vintage warmth & colour to your sound.

The WA-MPX comes in two forms from Warm Audio; the WA-MPX and the WA-2MPX – the WA-2MPX being a two channel version.


Warm Audio WA-MPX Features

  1. Authentic Reproduction Of The Most Revered Tape-Era Tube Mic Preamp: The WA-MPX is based on the 351-style tube preamplifier found in American tape machines that pioneered the birth of rock ‘n’ roll & radio-ready hits.
  2. Power & Versatility For A Wider Range Of Analog Tone: Delivering an impressive 300v of raw power & 90dB of tube gain, WA-MPX achieves clean gain & powerful volume, that pushes the tubes to saturate just like the most timeless analog gear.
  3. Premium Components & Handwired Construction For An Authentic Vintage Experience: Hand-assembled with three premium tubes per channel paired with custom-wound true-to-spec USA CineMag transformers, the WA-MPX authentically reproduces all the analog tone of the original.
  4. Selectable, All-Analog Tape Saturation: WA-MPX uses discrete analog components that provide compression, saturation, and non-linear frequency response for authentic tape-era reel-to-reel sound at 15IPS. 
  5. Hi-Pass (80Hz) & Low-Pass (2kHz) Filters to Refine Tone: The 2kHz low-pass filter allows you to further shape and focus your tone, dialing in ultimate midrange warmth & punch. The 80Hz hi-pass filter helps remove unwanted bass noise from unruly sources.
  6. Hand-Inspected & Tested at Warm Audio HQ in Austin, Texas: Carefully inspected at Warm Audio Headquarters in Austin, Texas by trained engineers & musicians with a passion for helping you sound your best.


Warm Audio WA-MPX Tech Specs

  • Authentic Reproduction Of The Most Revered Tape-Era Tube Preamp 
  • Fully Discrete, Hand-Built Construction With 3 Tubes Per Channel For Ultimate Analog Tone 
  • Selectable Tape Saturation Adds Harmonic Distortion & Natural Compression 
  • 90dB Of Analog Tube Gain Per Channel
  • Custom-Wound, Large-Core CineMag USA Transformers
  • Mic Input: 600Ω Transformer (6000Ω Rated)
  • Mic Input With “Tone” Engaged: 150Ω Transformer (1500Ω Rated)
  • Premium (2X) 12AX7 & (1X) 12AU7 Vacuum Tubes
  • 600Ω Output Attenuator
  • High Gain Control Engages The Third Tube In The Circuit For An Added 20dB (from 70dB to 90dB) Of Clean Gain For Low-Output Mics And Low-Volume Sources
  • 48v Phantom Power & Polarity Switch 
  • Classic Warm Audio Tone Control That Alters The Input Transformer Impedance Adding Extra Analog Color
  • 80Hz High-Pass Filter To Control Unruly Bass Frequencies
  • 2kHz Low-Pass Filter To Focus Preamp Power & Warmth On Mids For Added Punch
  • Tape Saturation Adds Harmonic Distortion & Natural Compression For Authentic Analog Grit
  • Inputs: XLR Mic, TS Instrument & TRS Line.
  • Outputs: XLR / TRS Line Level
  • VU Meter Level Indication
  • Frequency Response: 20Hz-20kHz

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