Genelec 4400 Smart IP Speakers

Power and Audio to the Speaker via a single CAT 5 Cable >>>

Genelec’s visually elegant Smart IP range combines the finest studio-quality loudspeaker performance with all the flexibility and convenience that networked audio brings. Originally launched in 2019, Genelec’s Smart IP family of installation loudspeakers intended for AV has now expanded to include three on-wall models, an in-ceiling model and a hanging pendant model – all of which benefit from their comprehensive system management software and simple, intuitive controller app for end users.



Choose from 120 RAL Colours >>>

Choose a speaker colour to fit into any Architectural, retail or home interior design. With 120 RAL colours to choose from an installer can blend in or contrast to any design idea without compromise. *** RAL colours are a custom order. Default colours are Black or White


“With everything you need delivered over a single, standard network cable – including enough power to drive medium SPL applications – integrators have a complete solution at their fingertips: the highest quality loudspeakers with onboard signal processing and integrated power amplifiers, all underpinned by Genelec’s renowned audio and build quality.”

—Aki Mäkivirta • Genelec Director of R&D



To address the specific needs of installers, Smart IP Manager offers an array of software tools focused on solving specific installation audio problems – including device discovery, room equalisation, system organisation and status monitoring. This saves installers a substantial amount of working time and ensures that Smart IP loudspeaker systems perform with outstanding clarity and speech intelligibility – even in acoustically challenging environments.



How to order Genelec 4400 Series Smart IP Speakers in Australia.

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