In 2019 international singer/producer Guy Sebastian had completed his freshly built home recording studio and was looking for a new set of near field studio monitors to work with. After trying several options he settled on a set of Genelec 8341s.


The Schoeps Microphone company was founded in 1948 and is known for the production of high-quality condenser microphones used in film, broadcast, live and studio recording. When you hear the name Schoeps you instantly think quality. The company has never swayed from their high ideals of perfection and quality and never ventured into the lower end of the microphone market. No doubt if you’ve ever owned a Schoeps microphone you’ll never sell it. Their famous modular “Colette” series can be seen used in live performances by Pavarotti and the Three Tenors. Their Shotgun microphones are highly popular in film and sporting events. However, one area Schoeps may not have always been the dominant choice is in the recording of pop and rock vocals in the studio. Names like Neumann, AKG and Telefunken are ubiquitous in this scenario but with the advent of the V4U, Schoeps may just be the microphone that can change all that. Schoeps had one thing in mind when designing the V4U – a studio vocal microphone.


In this time of isolation, we still need to connect with our friends and work colleges. Unfortunately, we cannot meet in person so the next best thing is to have meetings online.

Devestation and Relief – An Interview With Tim Commandeur

Tim Commandeur is Sydney Based Drummer and Producer. He recently was the recipient of some devastating news and as a result lost most of his studio gear – but it’s not all bad. Find out how Tim reached out to Studio Monitor Manufacturer Genelec and received some relieving support in what could only have been described as an extremely distressing time.


As someone who has been to many loud concerts and spent many hours in front of studio monitors and headphones at high volumes, I have to answer that question with a yes. However, up until recently, it’s never been a question I gave much attention to. Something I now regret.

CAN I KICK IT? yes you can!

There are many Tremolo’s on the market but Anasounds never do anything that is normal or boring. Anasounds have created a true Harmonic Tremolo that features some very cool control elements.

New Audio Interface from Audient – Meet EVO 4 By Audient

Who and what is EVO?
EVO is a new High Tech Audio brand formed as a division of the popular UK Pro Audio Brand Audient.

EVO 4 is the first product released by EVO and we expect many more to follow.

So what is EVO 4?

Warm Audio Direct Boxes

Given Warm Audio primarily focus on studio gear it may seem that DI boxes are an unusual product to add to their catalogue. But why not – DI boxes are used in both live and studio areas and we expect their customer base will expand with these two additions.

You asked for it and now you get it – The Warm Audio Bus Compressor!

As you know Warm Audio makes high-quality reproductions of classic outboard recording gear – compressors, EQ, preamps and microphones. Over the past year, customers have been vigorously requesting they make a stereo bus compressor based on the highly acclaimed SSL bus comp. 


Soyuz Microphones have just released the eagerly anticipated Launcher.

After years of experimenting and fine-tuning, The Launcher has arrived!⁣⁣

What is Launcher?

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